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What constitutes estate?

The term estate includes all assets and liabilities belonging to a person at the time of their death. It also includes assets as well as claims a deceased is entitled to receive or pay.

What is Estate Planning?

Estate Planning refers to organised approach to managing the accumulated assets of a person in the interest of intended beneficiaries.

What does Estate Planning include?

Estate Planning covers the structural, financial, legal and tax aspects of managing wealth in the interest of intended beneficiaries.

What is a Will?

Will is a legal declaration of the intention of the testator with respect to his property, which he/she desires to be carried into effect after his death.

What is meaning of ‘dying intestate?

If a person dies without making a will, he is said to have died intestate.

Is it compulsory to register a Will?

It is not compulsory to register a Will. But a registered Will cannot ordinarily be tampered with, lost, destroyed, damaged etc.