Why PM Wealth Managers for Wealth Management?

Wealth management is an integrated process for helping clients to manage their wealth by Professional Money Managers. It involves wide range of services and products. These services and products should include Debt and Cash flow management, Risk management,Tax planning,Financial planning, Retirement planning,Investment Management and Estate planning. It is long term,customized need based plan.

As wealth Managers, we Create, Review and Re-balance investment plan to meet future financial needs and goals. The relationship manager and a team of experts will work closely to customize the goal based plan. This is a dynamic THREE stage process that we trust and practice -PLAN, IMPLEMENT and MONITOR.

Stage I: PLAN-Customizing the plan, based on needs and aspirations.

The word “planning” is hard for many people to understand because it is a concept, not something we can hold in our hands or visualize easily in our mind. At its most basic level planning is the process we use to make deliberate decisions. It begins with a vision of what we want to achieve, then compare the same with where we are now and determine what we need to do to get where we want to be.

Stage II: IMPLEMENT-Deploying the right product with customized asset allocation.

IMPLEMENTATION is putting plan into action, it is a vital step linking the financial planning to achieve the determine goals, finding the right products which serve the need. Once you determine and quantify the goal staking all your personal financial requirements into account and then assess your cash flow to see how to allocate funds towards your goals in a manner that your goals should suitably achieve.

Stage III: MONITOR–Periodic review of financial planning based on changing needs and aspiration.

Monitoring is a crucial process in financial planning because it is a long term hand holding journey. It involves lot of commitment and passion. This is a periodic review based on changing needs and aspiration with customized plan and asset allocation.

These simple steps of process are practiced by many successful individuals and companies. It is a disciplined and long term approach with different asset classes and a wide range of financial products.“We believe wealth management is more than just an investment advice, as it can encompass all aspects of a person’s financial life.“